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The discussion part of the MÄTIL program focuses on topics of new language initiatives and language activism. We invited professors and students of Nazarbayev University, who deal with the problems of the Kazakh language in their works, linguists, art historians, activists, translators, poets and other Kazakh intellectuals to participate in panel discussions; as well as international professionals ANTENA AIRE, so that they all share their practices and knowledge in the field of interaction within urban communities.

April 5, 20:00
Recently, we have seen how the understanding of the importance of supporting the Kazakh language by society is reviving, and new language initiatives are emerging in Kazakhstan's social networks. Accounts appear explaining rare words, telling about the history of the language, inventing new slang.

We see how changes in language culture are manifested in the surrounding reality: in store names, musicians' lyrics, children's names, new greetings and small talk.

Representatives of new language initiatives will talk about their projects in our panel discussion, explain why this is important and what problems they face on their way.
April 7, 20:00
In the panel discussion, we will dive into the issues of linguistic activism, the situation with bilingualism in Kazakhstan, and linguistic justice.

Discussion participants:
- poet and translator Tilek Yrysbek;
- poet and translator Maria Deikute;
- Suleiman Demirel University professor and human rights activist Moldiyar Yergebekov;
- Indiana State University professor William Fierman;
- Co-founder of the Feminita initiative Gulzada Serzhan;
- journalist Bella Orynbetova;
-social аnthropologist, translator and artist Zarina Mukanova;
- and the representative of the American grassroots language initiative Antena Aire JD Plecker.